Exfoliating Honey Gel 220ml

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Exfoliant with sugar crystals - mechanical action

For Feet and Hands.
A gentle honey-based scrub that removes hard skin and leaves hands and feet soft and fragrant.

A deliciously fragrant product.

Skin types :
All skin types

Instructions for use :
Apply to damp skin and gently exfoliate in small circular movements. Rinse thoroughly

Contents :
220 ml

Active ingredients :

  • Honey: softening, nourishing
  • Oily carrot macerate: nourishes, softens, anti-oxidant
  • Oily fucus macerate: moisturising and remineralising

Results :
Dead skin cells and impurities eliminated. The skin is nourished, clean and soft.



Exfoliating Honey Gel 220ml
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