Cryo Slimming Gel
Cryo-active melting gel - non-greasy Cryo-action slimming and remodelling gel with an intensely fresh sensation. Combining rich marine algae with effective menthol and cafeisilane, this gel tightens the skin and rapidly remodels body contours. Thanks to the firming effect of...
Huile Sublime Dry Oil (100ml)
Multi-function Dry body oil Used daily on the face and body, Sublime Oil nourishes, restructures and protects the skin, for a radiant glow. Applied to the hair, its shine and suppleness is restored. Dry ends are tightened and frizzy hair...
Moisturising Balm (Body Cream)
Nourishing body cream / Baume Hydratant For very dry skin An intense moisturising* balm with an incredibly rich texture for the whole body. To transform your beauty routine into a pampering treat. Revitalises, softens and moisturises* the skin. Skin types...
Body Salt 625g
Body Salt (입욕제) 625g
Relaxing And Cooling Gel
Refreshing cryo-active gel - non-greasy This clear gel brings instant relief on application. It provides a sensation of coolness for long lasting comfort. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Massage the legs gently with Frigic gel...
Exfoliating Honey Gel
Exfoliant with sugar crystals - mechanical action For Feet and Hands.A gentle honey-based scrub that removes hard skin and leaves hands and feet soft and fragrant. A deliciously fragrant product. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use :Apply...
Salt Scrub
Exfoliant with sea salt crystals - mechanical action Exfoliating body gel with Mediterranean Sea salt.For a unique sensation. Enriched with lipidreplenishing active ingredients from marine fucus for soft, healthy-feeling skin. It refines the skin, rapidly smoothing its texture. Leaves skin...
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