Purifying Gel Cleanser 500ml
Mild foaming gelWhen massaged into the face with water, this gel becomes a creamy foam which thoroughly cleanses the skin and leaves it clear and bright.The refreshing pleasure of a rinse-away cleansing product.Skin types : Combination skin Instructions for use...
Exfoliating Honey Gel 220ml
Exfoliant with sugar crystals - mechanical actionFor Feet and Hands.A gentle honey-based scrub that removes hard skin and leaves hands and feet soft and fragrant.A deliciously fragrant product.Skin types :All skin typesInstructions for use :Apply to damp skin and gently...
Salt Scrub (Body) 220 ml
Exfoliant with sea salt crystals - mechanical actionExfoliating body gel with Mediterranean Sea salt.For a unique sensation. Enriched with lipidreplenishing active ingredients from marine fucus for soft, healthy-feeling skin. It refines the skin, rapidly smoothing its texture.Leaves skin feeling soft...
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