Our TeamSea, the source of life

The sea is essential to life; it contains trace elements and minerals that are indispensable to the body’s well-being. It naturally confers its benefits on the skin.

The source is the Mediterranean Sea and its wealth
THALAC cosmetics are developped on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. This geographical and historic location has enabled THALAC to draw on the wealth of the sea by selecting marine & aquatic extracts. Originally developed to meet the needs of seawater therapy centers, these products are renowned for their effectiveness.

Expertise, science and performance
Thanks to proven experience in professional beauty products, THALAC protocols and cosmetics are unique and benefit from the outstanding qualities of the marine environment.

Their effectiveness with visible results are recognised in beauty institutes and Spas in France and throughout the world.

Thalac is inspired by the best from the sea

The marine environment provides an endless source of wealth and inspiration for THALAC, which continues to explore marine environment to develop new cosmetic formulations.

Marine active ingredients, beauty treasures
Blue-green algae, lotus, Mediterranean Sea salt, marine elastin & collagen… have also been selected for their skin defence, protection and regeneration qualities.

Associated with refreshing, creamy and delicately perfumed textures, they enable THALAC cosmetics to offer effectiveness and well-being for visible and immediate results.

Blue-green algae, a concentration of strength and nature
The first living cells came into being 3 billion years ago in the form of lake single-celled blue-green algae.

Highly concentrated in calcium, magnesium, vitamins and amino acids, blue-green algae has moisturising, soothing and slimming properties. It is present in most of our cosmetic formulations for the face and body.

Thalac in institutes

The THALAC range is sold in beauty institutes and Spas
The exceptionally high quality professional products used in the institutes are combined with exclusive THALAC treatment protocols.

Fruit of the research conducted by THALAC, these beauty care protocols are unique. They favour manual techniques and methods, bringing immediate results while considering comfort and well-being.

Associated with marine active ingredients, they enhance the effectiveness of our cosmetics.

Our beauticians receive on-going training for lasting results
Thanks to its expertise in the marine world and seawater therapy, THALAC is constantly innovating to enable beauticians to offer new treatments, including anti-ageing, lifting, slimming body wrap, flat belly and young mother treatments.

Thalac in your home

The product ranges designed for home use supplement the professional treatments.
For you, THALAC has a complete range of cosmetics for your personal use, so you can continue your beauty treatment in your own home, only available in THALAC approved beauty institutes.

Featuring the same concentration of marine active ingredients as institute treatments, they allow you to take care of your skin regularly or prolong the benefits of institute from one session to another.

To know the closest Thalac institute, please contact us.

Thalac around the world

THALAC products are sold in over 2,500 institutes and spas around the world
THALAC products are marketed particularly in U.S.A, Russia, Korea and Western Europe where the women are renowned for demanding very high quality in their cosmetics.

The success and reputation of THALAC worldwide is down to the tangible results achieved right from the first treatment session.

Thalac and R&D

THALAC, R&D and manufacturing structures at the cutting edge of technology
THALAC benefits from highly developed Research & Development, Manufacturing and Micro-biological inspection structures.

Located close to the Mediterranean, our Research & Development Laboratory relentlessly continues its exploration of marine environment, searching for new active ingredients, making it possible to develop innovating, high performance formules every year.

Certified ISO 9001, and strictly applying the Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), our manufacturing laboratory meets the strictest, European and international quality standards.

Combined with exclusive care protocols, THALAC products offer our clients top of the market formulations, for visible and long lasting results.
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