Regenerating Cream 50ml

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Regenerating Face cream

Nourish - Energise - Protect

This regenerating cream is ideal for men who want maximum effectiveness. Its non-greasy texture combines the effectiveness of soothing and regenerating plant extracts with the moisturising action of hyaluronic acid and AquaxylTM.

With one product the cream revitalises, smooths and nourishes the face, eye area and neck.

Skin types :
All skin types

Instructions for use :
Apply the cream in the morning. Can also be applied at evening if the skin is dehydrated by pollution, the sun or cold.

Contents :
50 ml

Active ingredients : 
  • AquaxylTM: balances the water flow necessary for optimum moisturisation
  • Extract of water hyssop: calming, comforting, anti-free radical
  • Marine elastin: contributes to restoring the elasticity of tissue and limits ageing
  • Vitamin E: anti-free radical, helps maintain skin elasticity and moisturisation
  • Extract of ginkgo biloba: reshaping, veinotonic, anti-free radical
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturising and intensively replenishing
  • Blue-greenalgae extract: remineralising, energising, revitalising, nourishing and protective

Results : 
Nourished, softened and protected face, eye area and neck with a non-shiny finish.


Regenerating Cream 50ml
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