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    • Mild Exfoliating Cream (200ml)


      Doux Peeling Exfoliant (Mild exfoliating cream) Apply a thin layer of the Doux Peeling Exfoliant to the face down to the neck. Then leave to dry for a few moments, then use gentle circular movements to the areas to exfoliate the dead cells and impurities. This step deep-cleanses, absorbs and…

    • Miss T


      This perfume awakens the mind and senses with a subtle balance of fruity (blackcurrant and peach), floral (jasmine and rose), and woody (patchouli) notes. This captivating and timeless perfume is perfectly feminine. Description: Top note : blackcurrant, peach, bergamot, orange Middle note : jasmine, rose, pepper Bottom note : patchouli,…

    • Body Salt 625g


      Body Salt (입욕제) 625g

    • Moisturizing Micellar Water (400ml)


      Face and eyes Skin types : All skins, light make-up Instructions for use : Morning and evening, soak a cotton pad in Micellar water. Lightly wipe the skin and eyelids moving outwards from the middle of the face, then the neck moving up towards the chin. Contents : 400 ml…

    • Bubble Mask


      Detoxifying, oxygenating Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Activate the mask by pressing the sachet. Unfold the mask and apply to clean, dry, make-up free skin. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. A fine, dense foam appears. Remove the mask and massage any remaining product into…

    • Scrub


      Exfoliant with micro-grains – mechanical action – for Men Cleansing & Purifying Gel For a radiant complexion, this cleansing and purifying scrub with burdock, ginseng and marine elastin extract, gently cleanses deep down. It removes impurities, toxins and excess sebum as well as dead cells. It restores radiance to skin…

    • Aftershave Soothing Emulsion


      Aftershave Soothing Emulsion Aftershave – Soothe – Hydrate Made with soothing and moisturising plant extracts, this aftershave offers an immediate feeling of comfort and softness. Its both coating and soothing texture instantly penetrates for ultra non-greasy aftershave comfort. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply the…

    • Regenerating Cream


      Regenerating Face cream Nourish – Energise – Protect This regenerating cream is ideal for men who want maximum effectiveness. Its non-greasy texture combines the effectiveness of soothing and regenerating plant extracts with the moisturising action of hyaluronic acid and AquaxylTM. With one product the cream revitalises, smooths and nourishes the face,…

    • Eau de Thalac for Men


      An elegant balance of marine freshness with woody and fruity notes thanks to lime and vetiver. Description : An elegant balance of marine freshness with woody and fruity notes thanks to lime and vetiver. Contents : 100 ml

    • Relaxing And Cooling Gel


      Refreshing cryo-active gel – non-greasy This clear gel brings instant relief on application. It provides a sensation of coolness for long lasting comfort. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Massage the legs gently with Frigic gel starting with the feet (sole of the foot) and working…

    • Cryo Slimming Gel


      Cryo-active melting gel – non-greasy Cryo-action slimming and remodelling gel with an intensely fresh sensation. Combining rich marine algae with effective menthol and cafeisilane, this gel tightens the skin and rapidly remodels body contours. Thanks to the firming effect of brown algae and the toning action of blue-green algae, skin…

    • Toning Slimming Gel

      Melting, non-greasy gel Indispensable for a slim, toned silhouette.Its cafeisilane, firming plant extract and mint essential oil formula helps remodel the silhouette and smooth and tone the skin. Reduces cellulite and visibly tones the skin. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply Slimming Firming Gel morning…

    • Firming Serum

      Non-greasy gel With its active firming formula, this specific toning serum improves support and firmness of the breast tissues. Enriched in fucus (brown algae), this serum brings skin wealth of minerals elements such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply Bust…

    • Moisturizing Milk

      Moisturising* body milk Rich orange, lemon and grape extracts combined with soft shea butter for refreshed, soft and healthy-feeling skin. The skin is silky and perfectly moisturised* for the whole day. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply Velvet Body Milk morning and/or night in light…

    • Moisturising Balm (Body Cream)


      Nourishing body cream / Baume Hydratant For very dry skin An intense moisturising* balm with an incredibly rich texture for the whole body. To transform your beauty routine into a pampering treat. Revitalises, softens and moisturises* the skin. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Use morning…

    • Huile Sublime Dry Oil (100ml)


      Multi-function Dry body oil Used daily on the face and body, Sublime Oil nourishes, restructures and protects the skin, for a radiant glow. Applied to the hair, its shine and suppleness is restored. Dry ends are tightened and frizzy hair is tamed. Shine and softness guaranteed! Delicately scented, its light,…

    • Hand Cream

      Non-greasy cream Nutri-repair protective hand careThis all-round care cream immediately soothes fragile skin and provides lasting protection against dryness. For hands that are soft and moisturised* all day long. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply the Hand Cream morning and/or night and at any time…

    • Salt Scrub


      Exfoliant with sea salt crystals – mechanical action Exfoliating body gel with Mediterranean Sea salt.For a unique sensation. Enriched with lipidreplenishing active ingredients from marine fucus for soft, healthy-feeling skin. It refines the skin, rapidly smoothing its texture. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky. Skin types : All skin types…

    • Exfoliating Honey Gel


      Exfoliant with sugar crystals – mechanical action For Feet and Hands.A gentle honey-based scrub that removes hard skin and leaves hands and feet soft and fragrant. A deliciously fragrant product. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use : Apply to damp skin and gently exfoliate in small circular…

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