Relaxing And Cooling Gel

Relaxing And Cooling Gel


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Refreshing cryo-active gel – non-greasy

This clear gel brings instant relief on application. It provides a sensation of coolness for long lasting comfort.

Skin types :

All skin types

Instructions for use :

Massage the legs gently with Frigic gel starting with the feet (sole of the foot) and working upwards to mid-thigh. Can be used at any time of day, even over tights. Non-greasy, you can get dressed immediately.


Contents :

200 ml

Active ingredients
  • Menthol: relieves congestion, refreshing
  • Red vine extract: relieves congestion, veinotonic, anti-oxidant, astringent
  • Horse chestnut extract: relieves congestion, veinotonic, anti-inflammatory
Relieves the tired legs feeling.
Weight 1 oz

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