• Mild Exfoliating Cream (200ml)


      Doux Peeling Exfoliant (Mild exfoliating cream) Apply a thin layer of the Doux Peeling Exfoliant to the face down to the neck. Then leave to dry for a few moments, then use gentle circular movements to the areas to exfoliate the dead cells and impurities. This step deep-cleanses, absorbs and…

    • PeelinGLycolic (50ml)


      Exfoliating gel – Biological action With glycolic acid, A.H.A., papain and calcium Glyco-Peel has a gentle but deep action, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities, refining the skin’s texture and restoring its sparkle. Day after day the complexion is radically transformed: dull skin becomes silky smooth, soft and glowing. For…

    • Radiance Scrub

      Exfoliant with smoothing and purifying microspheres This rich, creamy face scrub contains fine microspheres which remove impurities and leave a bright, radiant complexion. It smooths, purifies and exfoliates your skin in just a few minutes.   Your skin is glowing and silky soft. Skin types : All skin types Instructions for use :…

    • Scrub & mask

      2-in-1 Face Mask & Scrub The innovative formula of this double-action product combines fine exfoliating particles with a rich nourishing mask. Wrinkles and lines due to dehydration are smoothed away, leaving fresh, supple skin . The complexion is unified and glowing. Innovation : unique 2-in-1 care product. Skin types :…

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